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    Aluminium profile

    • Product description: Aluminium profile

    Surface treatment: Mill Finish

    Surface treatment 2: Anodize Silver Champagne Bronze Golden Black

    Surface treatment 3: Electrophoresis Silver Champagne Bronze Golden Black

    Surface treatment 4: Powder Coating White Black Cream Blue Red Gray Green Yellow etc.

    Surface treatment 5: Wooden Color

    9. Intensified pressured lifter may be optimal with higher lifting, better operation and high reliability.
    10. Carbon fiber composite material is used for driving cab and covers with tensile strength 8 times of steel and gravity 1/4 of steel. The material durability is great for 20 years without color change. Stiffness is also very high in that restoration of shape can be realized after forceful impact.
    11. Humanized Euro style appearance with full glass view and air tight driving cab. Air conditioning and sound system will be optimal.

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